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                Gondola Taikoo Hotel

                Gondola Taikoo Hotel have a good view of river scene for it stands on the Riverside, and adjoins to the the Pacific warehouse where is full of cultural atmosphere. The hotel is surrounded by shopping malls providing all kinds of dining and entertainment. The hotel is located in the center of Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, near the high-speed South Railway Station and Guangzhou Railway Station. It is a great choice for guests to enjoy leisure time, sightseeing and business activities.

                Gondola Taikoo Hotel provides guests with a warm and comfortable, quiet and clean environment; Guest rooms are well equipped to make guests feel fully comfortable and relax.

                Gondola Taikoo Hotel



                Tel:86-20-89161288                                                                 Mail:gondolataikoohotel@yeah.net                                       Address:No.137,Gexin Road,Haizhu Distrct