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                The brand of WINMIN wine business is invested by China Shipbuilding Industry Equipment and MaterialsGroup Guangzhou Co.,LTD. , as China's most powerful wine importer, we have a strong operating capital. We are devoted to reduce procurement risk and financial risks for the domestic wine dealers, agents Business and terminal customers, to provide high-quality and professional services, to enhance the promotion and exchange of wine culture and advocate  healthy and elegant life with wine.

                WINMIN wine business

                WINMIN mainly engaged in the wine brand of high quality and high positioning from France, Spain, Chile and other regions. With long-term stability of the overseas winery resources, we form a high-quality wine wineries Union from the source and committed to providing customers with cost-effective wine products. We have entered a variety of channels and networks, gaining a higher visibility in the market.

                Online mall

                WINMIN online mall is mainly based on the current popular mobile mobile terminal to provide customers integrated shopping platform with a set of functions including purchase, experience, interactive, distribution and so on, so that we can buy the original bottle imports and affordable wine, and at the same time,we can promote our wine brand and expand market sales.

                Among them, distributors and micro-off is a major feature of our mall. Just through the sharing and exchanges between friends to facilitate the transaction in the mall, you can get a huge discount return, do little and get more. Now is hot recruitment, welcome to consult and Join.