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                Corporate vision

                Forming a first-class logistics trading platform

                With our perseverant effort, we proactively promote the transformation from a supplies trader to a trading platform builder, devoted to form a first-class Logistics trading platform that insists on openness basing on sincerity, bases upon win- win situation,  provides all- round service and has sustained innovation capability.

                Our mission

                Create value for customers, for the achievements of employees dream

                The mission to the customer:
                - To help customers get a reasonable operating income with a win-win concept .
                - To meet customer's needs by means of model innovation, service promotion and so on , and using our own advantages to help enhance the competitiveness of customers and other intangible value.

                Mission to the staff:
                - To provide staff with a good working environment and development space, so that employees can continue to progress, and to achieve personal value in the company.

                - Sharing the company's development achievements with the staff in all aspects to continuously improve the staff's sense of accomplishment and happiness, making employees happy at work and enjoy their life.

                Core values

                Integrity and win-win service innovation


                We will maintain a robust, responsible, reliable state-owned enterprises image as always. We hope to gain the respect and trust through good reputation in the market.


                Adhere to form a interests community with partners. Our goal is to achieve mutual development.


                Our constant pursuit of providing services is to understand customers’ needs, focus on value creation and promote customers' competitiveness and efficiency.


                We dare to try new methods and new things. Keeping alive the spirit of entrepreneurship and the attitude of pursuit of excellence is the power for us to build up our brand and earn our reputation.