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                Office rental

                The company has a multi-storey office rental business in the ship building located at the junction of Haizhu District Innovation Road and Jinsha Road, convenient transportation.It is only six-to seven-minute walk to the intersection  of  Guangzhou Metro Line 8 and Guangfo Metro- Shaoyuan station, and more than 20 bus Lines cover the main roads of the city in all directions; Beautiful environment, complete supporting facilities, a large parking lot, 24-hour security management services, the building is a best choice of all types of office, please call us.

                Shop rental

                The company has series of shops rental along the Jinsha Road in Haizhu District. the shops are available of various scale, next to the Jinbiwan, R & F Hyundai, Everbright Garden and other large high-quality real estate, adjacent to the Pacific warehouse creative industrial park, making it a popular area. It is only six-to seven-minute walk to the intersection  of  Guangzhou Metro Line 8 and Guangfo Metro- Shaoyuan station, and must become a new gathering spot of popularity.

                Warehouse rental

                My company in the city center and Baiyun District has a number of  large warehouses around 3,000 square meter. The warehouses are safe ,environment of which are clean, and equipped with many bridge crane from 5 tons to 20 tons. We provide 24-hour collection, sending and keeping services. We have good reputation in the market, and widely praised by customers.

                Tel:020-34128128  13580426987(Mr. Shao)                  Address:No.139,Gexin Road,Haizhu Distrct