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                • SalesBachelor degreeGuangzhou2017-08-08
                  Job Responsibilities:
                  1. to assist the business development work;
                  2. responsible for the customer asked the product quotation, negotiation and maintenance of customers;
                  3. the implementation of the company's trade business work plan, to complete sales targets.

                  Job requirements:
                  1. key undergraduate or higher, trade, marketing, economic related professional priority;
                  2. cheerful and lively, honest and honest, steady and careful;
                  3. a good business negotiation skills, communication and coordination skills, good teamwork awareness.

                  1. a competitive salary level;
                  2. five days of work, enjoy the statutory holidays, annual leave and other holidays;
                  3. the full purchase of social insurance and provident fund;
                  4. each year to provide a free medical examination;
                  5. holiday subsidies and other benefits;
                  6. the company provides good sports activities and organized various types of corporate activities;
                  7. free of charge for the field staff to provide dormitory.

                  Mail subject indicate: candidates + name + college + professional (such as sales clerk + Zhang San + Zhongshan University + marketing)

                  The delivery resume

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