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                Zhongchuan Park

                Zhongchuan Park is located in Haizhu District Innovation Road No. 139, which was originally a material-storage warehouse, covering 11,566 square meters. In recent years, on the base of large state-owned enterprises background and as a response to the "three old transformation" policy, it has carried out transformation and upgrading to build a creative park with a collection of functions including creative office, specialty catering, leisure and so on. It has the obvious regional advantage that is located near the Guangzhou Metro Line 8 and Guangfo line 3 Shayuan station and the Innovation Road bus station, and formed a three-point commercial ecology together with Le Feng Square and Pacific warehouse , directly radiating around more than 100 Million residents and the fashionable youth group who has have a scale.

                Zhongchuan Park has a unique style of creative space to let creative factors give play to the ultimate charm. There is no secular pressure and restraint, and creativity is the supreme.

                Overall positioning

                 Using the retro industry LOFT style that is combined with creativity and art of the new era, Zhongchuan Park is oriented to high-end culture, creativity and public consumer groups. It attracts all kinds of catering, leisure and entertainment, training and education, creative office and many other businesses to settled in , together to build a creative park with a collection of functions including creative office, specialty catering, leisure and so on , forming a complex of cultural and creative industries.

                Core advantages

                【Location advantage】
                 Located along the coast of the scenic axis in the back of Pearl River route in Haizhu District and adjacent to the Chau Tau Tsui and Baie Lake area, Zhongchuan Park is the core area of "Haizhu District Commercial Center" and "Guangfo metropolitan area" as the transposition very convenient here;

                Industrial Avenue, Innovation Road, Changgang Road are closely connected, and Renmin Bridge, Hedong Bridge, Inner Ring Road, Chau Tau Tsui River across tunnel seamless access;
                Metro Line 2 and Guangfo line around the intersection of Shayuan station and Shayuan bus station,  Guangfo line 3 that under construction also via the Zhongchuan Park, manifesting the irreplaceable superior status.

                Business environment mature

                Zhongchuan Park is located in the core area of "Haizhu District Commercial Center", east of the shopping center Lefeng Square, west of leisure business center Pacific warehouse, three points in one line to form a commercial ecosphere with Zhongchuan Park as the center;
                Adjacent to the ship Swire Hotel, ship building and Jinsha Road, eating street, has a strong business atmosphere;
                Regional consumption capacity is strong, directly radiating more than 1 million residents around the Swan Bay, Everbright Garden, Everbright Yung shore, Jun Fu R & F Modern Plaza, Jinbi Garden, Tsui Cheng Garden and other high-end and mature community  and the fashionable youth group that has become a scale.

                Cultural competitiveness
                Zhongchuan Park as a turnover of shipping materials, witnesses the prosperity and development of shipbuilding industry in southern China. "Imported culture" extends and spreads, and the cultural elements of the different countries gathered here. Making Zhongchuan Park a place of unique cultural background and investment value.

                Building style】 
                New things collided with old, red brick building combined with LOFT style steel structure, embodies retro and style of the industrial era. Staggering green landscape adds the vitality and affinity to the cold wall, making the business full of life vitality and passion, so City integration of environmental protection and art. In this busy city, Zhongchuan Park is like a colorful and comfortable place can pure your heart. 

                Hotline:020-84369604  13503050118  13922168038                 Address:No.139,Gexin Road,Haizhu Distrct